January 2012 PECO Power Bill Price Comparison

The current posted rates to compare against your PECO power bill can be found on the PA Public Utility Commission website.  We are not affiliated with them and are listing this information purely for educational purposes.  If you plan on choosing a new provider for your power bill than make sure to check their terms and conditions.  The companies listed here offer different pricing plans and some are variable and some are fixed with cancellation fees.  These are the current kWh rates we found.

PECO’s Regular Residential Service Price to compare $0.0992 per kWh
Ambit Energy $0.0924 per kWh
Amerigreen Energy $0.0899 per kWh
BlueStar Energy Solutions $0.0898 per kWh
Champion Energy Services LLC $0.0881 per kWh
Clearview Electric Inc. $0.1049 per kWh
Commerce Energy, Inc. $0.1060 per kWh
Con Edison Solutions $0.0874 per kWh
Constellation Energy $0.0998 per kWh
Direct Energy $0.0959 per kWh
Dominion Energy Solutions $0.0939 per kWh
Energetix Inc. $0.0875 per kWh
Energy Cooperative $0.0985 per kWh
Gateway Energy Services Corporation $0.0989 per kWh
Great American Power $0.0989 per kWh
HOP Energy LLC $0.0993 per kWh IDT Energy, Inc. $0.1000 per kWh
IGS Energy $0.0990 per kWh
MXenergy $0.0919 per kWh
NextEra Energy Services Pennsylvania LLC $0.0970 per kWh
North American Power $0.0899 per kWh
Oasis Energy $0.0916 per kWh
Palmco Power PA, LLC $0.0849 per kWh
Pennsylvania Gas & Electric $0.1003 per kWh
Planet Energy (Pennsylvania) Corp. $0.0929 per kWh
PPL EnergyPlus, LLC $0.0879 per kWh
Public Power, LLC $0.0999 per kWh
Reliant Energy Northeast LLC $0.0889 per kWh
Respond Power LLC $0.1049 per kWh
Spark Energy, L.P. $0.0979 per kWh
Sperian Energy $0.0875 per kWh
Starion Energy PA Inc. $0.0899 per kWh
Stream Energy $0.0939 per kWh
Superior Plus Energy Services, Inc. $0.0893 per kWh
TriEagle Energy L.P. $0.0878 per kWh
Verde Energy USA, Inc. $0.0899 per kWh
Viridian Energy $0.0996 per kWh
Washington Gas Energy Services $0.0930 per kWh

We want to make it clear again that the alternative electricity supplier is responsible for their own posted prices and power bill rates. Make sure you do your homework and review each companies pricing models including but not limited to rates, introductory offers, green energy options or upgrades, fixed vs. variable deals, and cancellation costs.  You can save money so go ahead and make a choice.